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Saluting Rory Albanese, The American

RoryFans: Fans of Rory Albanese
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A fan page for Rory Albanese
Who is Rory Albanese? He's a hilarious stand-up comedian who also happens to be a writer and an executive producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He also happens to be (perhaps most famously) The American on The Bugle. He is awesome. Do not doubt this.

Acceptable Posts Include: Announcements of new shows, interviews, articles, pictures, sightings, show re-caps, videos, and the like. It is also acceptable to ask after the following, provided you do so in a polite manner.

UNacceptable Posts: Questioning/complaining about Rory Albanese's abilities as a comedian/writer/producer is obviously not allowed. Keep the posts to the topic at hand (Rory Albanese). There are plenty of communities on LiveJournal, I'm sure you can find the one most relevant to your interests. Any questions, direct them to me at alivemagdolene(at)Livejournal.com

Flaming, wank, or general rudeness will not be tolerated. Nor will spammers, particularly in Cyrillic.

Original layout by ruthenia_alba, mangled to its current state by me (alivemagdolene).